Daniel B&W

Daniel Lockwood is a Master Plumber living in the Denver, CO area.  He has an enthusiasm  for sharing and a drive for continued growth. In addition to writing he spends his spare time pursuing other artistic avenues such as painting and drawing. In recovery from heavy alcoholism since 1995, he continues to seek new avenues of improvement and growth. Having overcome other multiple health problems such as weight loss (from 347 lbs. to 220 lbs.) and several near death episodes such as, heat stroke, carbon monoxide poisoning, viral pneumonia, and MRSA (flesh-eating bacterial infections) he feels he’s in an excellent position to help others when facing tough odds. He has created this web page for those who want a comfortable place to begin a better life. Sharing is the goal here. Please follow and comment as you like.



I look forward to hearing from you! Ask me anything you like, I'll respond as quickly as I can.

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