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This category covers basic and beginning recovery topics; although every post on this website applies at some level.

Welcome to my Blog! This introduces who I am and why I decided to create this page based on my frustration at trying to find entry level material to the subject of self-help, self-empowerment, and self-actualization.

3. How to Know if You are on the Right Track- The importance of mentoring or acquiring a sponsor, lowering defenses, and taking criticism is discussed. 

5. 12 Step Meetings- Behind the DoorsWritten to illuminate a little of what goes on at 12 step meetings. Very benign, straight to the point, and informative. 

9. The Right Questions- A better way to find the correct answers, part one.

18. Being Tough- A Must read for most, especially men or those who have men in their lives. Will take you for a spin.

23. The Importance of the Right Question- A better way to find the right answers, part two.

26. What Does GOD look like?- An interpretation on how the universe flows. Meant to introduce the concept of GOD to those who might be apprehensive to the idea. No ”religious” ideas are pushed.

41. Outrunning the Demons- How I found and eliminated my worst enemies.

45. Change your Life-Lose your Luggage- Why the past means nothing in the course of tomorrow.

55. The Disease of Addiction- Why addiction is a disease and not just a habit meant to be broken. /


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