This another example of my style. I gave this portrait of Dr. Deepak Chopra in person to Dr. Wayne Dyer as a gift about a year ago. They are close friends and I thought he would like it. I had sent him a portrait of his daughter, Skye some time back. After talking to both and they said they liked it, I decided to do this just as a follow-up project. Dr. Dyer was in Denver in April at a writer’s conference and again I approached, asking him if he got the picture home without damage. (I was willing to mail it, but he insisted on taking it on the spot, so I was slightly worried it made it intact to its intended destination.) He acknowledged that he got it home fine and sent it to Chopra. Cool.

I do other styles as well, fantasy and such. Even designed a few tattoos over the years.

Deepak Chopra

One comment

  1. My mind is officially blown over two things:
    1. Your impeccable artistic talents.
    2. You know Deepak Chopra AND Wayne Dyer.

    Man! Nothing “cool” goes on in my state, ha! 🙂 Very nice work!

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