“Where understanding is present, fear is absent. Where fear is absent, love exists. Where love exists, life persists. Where life persists, the possibilities are endless.”

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With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood


  1. My AA sponsor along with a healthy dose of observation and experience told me this. The more I choose to understand what has potential to threaten me, the more that in turn equals an empathic attitude. It does NOT mean I will necessarily agree with the situation, but this mindset does allow me to proceed with the BEST choice, even if that choice is between bad and worse. I also feel caution is not the same as fear. Caution is proactive while fear is reactive. I will not live in reaction mode; I used to and THAT’S called “playing the victim.” Those who have survived great trials of life with strength and grace; the Jewish holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, even Nelson Mandela, ultimately found peace through understanding and moving with their situations rather than against them, and that’s how they rose above cataclysmic circumstances. Not many do.


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