Here is a third example of the type of art I do. This is more the style of subject I lean towards when I’m not doing a piece for someone else.  This one goes back to my second year of recovery. I do paint on occasion and an example is on the cover picture of my Facebook page. If you want to see it, there is a link at the bottom of the web site.

Please follow my blog. Comment and share as you wish.

With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood


  1. Circles are overrated. People think they are all encompassing, but I think they’re just too one-sided……..

    I would call my style “free-form feminine.” Click on my Facebook cover photo. It’s a painting I never finished. IF you can guess who it is I’ll send you a dollar. Yes, she’s famous and I ever so slightly widened her face. Look at the category “My Artwork” on this blog to see the other two pictures on here and you tell me if I have labeled my form properly. It’s kind of you to say something nice about my work. Do you feel it’s too out of place on this blog? Please be honest. I was told by a person I paid to do a blog audit to remove all posts that didn’t relate to the subject matter I am attempting to share.


    1. I replied to this DAYS ago!!! But I guess my comment was lost in the digital sea??? Weird… anyway, I’ll try again…

      I can DEFINITELY see how your style would be called “free-form feminine.” I absolutely can feel that essence within your work! I’ve looked at all the artwork you’ve done on this website and on Facebook, and I enjoy them ALL!!!! (I don’t think I know who the Facebook woman is…. but that’s due to my limited knowledge of celebrities). It would be an honor to have a piece by you!!! I’m sure you make a decent income just with your artistic abilities alone! If you currently do not, then you definitely have the ability to start, if that were your wish.

      As for posting your artwork on this blog: IT ABSOLUTELY 100% APPLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t get paid to optimize blogs, so my opinion may be less important than the person you referenced. However, considering your blog is entitled, “Gateway to Infinite Pathways: Where to start when you don’t know where to start,” I’d say that offering the pathway to your unlimited, out of the box, creative side is a PERFECT pathway, of many, to offer people! Creativity is the right brain…. the predominant expression of spiritual energy. To offer your perspective on that pathway is very important and highly related to the rest of this blog, in my personal opinion. Not only does it inspire others to do the same, but it gives them permission to follow those creative leanings that society has told them are less valuable than practical, analytical skills. I’m very glad you share your art on this blog!!


  2. I can’t even draw a circle. I can envision very detailed, vibrant things….. but I can’t draw them, or draw them well. You have a REMARKABLE talent!!!

    If you had to describe your “style,” how would you describe it? (I understand that may be difficult to answer, but I want to get a FEELING of the entire style.)

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