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  1. Hi someone on quora said that you guys offer a shortcut to heaven. But I mean going their permanently without dying. Anyways, I am interested

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  2. Hi Daniel! Good and very useful website. I was told by my boss in 2007 to have my own blog. She thought I had something to contribute. I never got around to creating one although I did register with WordPress for one. Was too busy trying to keep the wolf from the door.
    Last month I finally decided to write full time and have been doing it with vengence. I intend to include what I was going to write in the blog. I will be visiting Pakistan during November and December, mainly to help my elder sister (a 85 years old widow with 4 daughters. She now lives in Canada.) by accompanying her to various government offices to finalise her legacy papers. I had promised her I would do that whenever she needed to go there.
    I am hoping to also be able to use my time afterwards to look up places from my childhood and extended family villages, to take pictures and to meet relatives and old friends to help recover some memories so that I could be as accurate as possible in my description and references. My son recommended Scrivener for managing my writing. He himself has already written over a million words, a SciFi saga spread over several books, yet to be composed for publishing. For me, coming from a non-English speaking background, it is much harder in English so I decided to go ahead writing first in Urdu then another version in English. Two projects, addressing different audiences.
    An important but small part of my writing is how I developed self help techniques to get me out of the PTSD caused by something terrible that happened in 1995 and off the antidepressants I was put on for 9 years.

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  3. Hey my friend found of what I think is a photo you’ve posted and she set it as her wallpaper on her phone but she lost it and wants to get it back. If possible can you please email it to me. It’s a photo of a man at the top of a hill at the end of a pathway looking up at the stars with a light shining down near him


    1. “Every day I see Jesus Christ in all his distressing disguises.”
      ~ Mother Teresa Quotes

      Luke 17:21 King James Version (KJV)
      21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

      Christ and God are everywhere. If this is true, then we too are the image and projection of our creator. We MUST be connected to our source. We are the reflection of God. Do I see God in the mirror? I see his will, his Love, and his omnipresence in the miracle of my existence. I have an article on this blog that helps with a vision of God as I understand God. I do NOT wish to convert others to how I think. My singular goal is to share, not preach. Here is the link to the entry. Flip over the picture for a secret revealed to the shape of God as I have come to understand God.
      Good Luck on your quest!
      With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood


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