Some time ago I posted an entry designed to better introduce myself called “WHAT I BELIEVE”.  It was only half of where I stand; this completes the circle. There are common convictions many endorse that I refuse to. They hinder advancement and are useless. I choose to embrace only those philosophies which lead me away from chaos and destruction.  My goal is to live a life of peaceful constructiveness. This is NOT a path of religious sentiment nor is it the result of following a singular teaching; it’s a journey of being faithful to my spirit. I trust in guidance from an inner place. I’m not referring to that loud obnoxious voice, the one wanting nothing but pleasures of the body, known as the ego. No, I speak of an almost silent whisper coming from the deep chambers of my soul. There is where I listen, getting what I need without asking for direction. This connection has served me well and I look forward to seeing where it will eventually take me.

I refuse to blame

I refuse to believe there is never a choice.

I refuse to believe in luck.

I refuse to believe the world is getting worse.

I refuse to believe I am a victim.

I refuse to believe in seduction.

I refuse to believe the past equals the future.

I refuse to believe that there’s somewhere where God is not.

I refuse to believe that there are those beyond hope.

I refuse to believe in ugliness.

I refuse to believe I am separate from God.

I refuse to believe in impossibilities.

I refuse to believe good guys finish last.

I refuse to believe in death.

I refuse to believe first impressions.

I refuse to believe that I can’t make a difference.

I refuse to believe  negativity.

I refuse to believe I’m given more than I can handle.

I refuse to believe I cannot change.

I refuse to believe in fear.

I refuse to believe in imperfection.

I refuse to believe violence is an answer.

I refuse to fight against anything. (I will fight for something though)

I refuse to be offended.

I refuse to be late.

I refuse to stop being just a bit juvenile sometimes.

I refuse to let a day go by without trying to make someone laugh.

I refuse to be an example of what not to do.

I refuse to sell myself short.

I refuse to complain.

I refuse to do something I know I’ll regret.

I refuse to leave this world wondering what I could have done better.

I refuse to not check for toilet paper before I sit down.

I refuse to try to impress people.

I refuse to let other people’s opinions change my opinion about me.

I refuse to ever stop growing.

I refuse to ignore my feelings.

I refuse to think I’m always right.

I refuse to hate.

I refuse to ignore a cry for help.

I refuse to be unkind.

I refuse to be lazy.

I know what I don’t want because at some point I used to practice these, and they almost destroyed me. As time goes on I’m sure I’ll purge more beliefs and habits. Humble pie tastes terrible but it sure does a good job of cleaning me out.

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With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood

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  1. Another post that I really like! I’m a fan of making lists myself, because it brings the abstract into a more concrete form. That’s probably the hardest part of any process (in my opinion). Once you see it concretely, it becomes that much easier to notice maladaptive trends and patterns. Insight is key! Awareness is key! That’s why I loved your last paragraph. In that, you ADMITTED (again, being far more courageous than the norm) to having practiced all of these things in the past. You’ve shone a light on your “shadow aspects” of yourself to gain awareness. Then, you noticed that certain aspects of yourself were not contributing to your evolution, but contaminating it. Then, you gave birth to your new, refined desires for what you want YOUR life to be. You kept it purely subjective, and didn’t impose any “shoulds” on others. Wonderful!!!

    I especially liked how you wrote this one: “I refuse to fight against anything. (I will fight for something though).” Taking it to psychology for a brief moment, there’s something called “the dead man rule.” Essentially, just in case you aren’t previously aware – which you could be, the dead man rule states that when you tell yourself (or others) something you wish for yourself/them to DO, you word it from a perspective of abundance and not lack, or of gaining and not losing. For example, instead of telling someone to “quit being so negative,” (because a dead man can do that), you tell them to “be more positive;” instead of “shut up,” perhaps “let me finish.” You get the point. You’re using your thoughts focus on SOMETHING to create, instead of trying to catch the “nothingness” and create with that.

    In essence, you’re creating instead of destroying. Creating is a far more powerful intention than destroying. This is because “creation” itself is actually more natural and intrinsic to human nature. With us being such great destroyers, you wouldn’t believe this to be true, but it is. We first create, and then generally we get so caught up in fallible human challenges, such as greed, that we destroy what we’ve created. However, the creation precedes destruction, from my point of view. Creation is focused on abundance. Destruction is focused on lack. Whenever you focus on what you’re lacking (as opposed to what you actually WANT – the abundance), you are attracting more lack into your reality (via the Law of Attraction).

    Anyway, back to your comment, “I refuse to fight against anything. (I will fight for something though).” I love this so much, because you are acknowledging that RESISTING something is focusing on the lack, or focusing on what you do NOT want. If you are fighting AGAINST war, you are RESISTING the concept of war. Well, thought that my SOUND all well and good, on an ENERGETIC level, what you are doing is focusing on the war itself. “I hate war! I don’t want war! Don’t have war!” These are all concepts that “fail” against the “dead man rule.” Energetically speaking, by focusing on the concept of war, your thoughts are merely attracting more of the same into your reality. You will have become a match to seeing war or byproducts of war on a daily basis. You’ll find stories of war popping up on your television programs, on books you casually see in the store, in conversations you hear on the street. These synchronicities are just confirming to you that you are creating what you DON’T want by merely your focus and resistance against it.

    By reframing your statement to say you will fight FOR something, you have instantly challenged the “dead man rule.” You’ve stated I want to stand FOR peace. Then, you are placing your intentions on visualizations of peace, and behaving in a way that models peace. You energetically invite the universe to create your reality as a match to your desire of peace. Now you’ll begin to experience the world among synchronicities that make you smile instead of hide in the bunker.

    I’m careful to make this discernment in my own life. For example, you get charities endlessly asking for donations. Now, some people may think I’m an a$$ for not donating to every single one, but that is because they don’t see what I see. I will give money to organizations that show that their focus is on abundance. I will NOT give money to organizations that focus on the lack. For example, I’ll give money to the campaigns that support animal rights when their platform is that “animals have rights, and we’re doing A, B, & C to constructively help in forward progress.” I will not give my money to campaigns that support animal rights when their platform is that “our animals are poor, pitiful, weak, broken, and hungry, and if you’re not giving to us, they’ll die.” The latter mission statement is focused negatively, and thus, I feel that my money will not go “as far” in helping as it would with the former mission. I use this same approach when it comes to cancer, veterans, and any other charitable service. Regardless, we share a lot of the same items on these lists, so it was a joy to read them!

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