24. “I would not …

“I would not give up one moment of experienced pain for the promise of eternal bliss. Remembering where I’ve been and knowing what must be avoided are the greatest gifts I own.”

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  1. I like this. I like the feeling of gratitude you get from contemplating this. We learn the most about our True Selves when we’ve hit the proverbial Rock Bottom. People who live completely rosy lives from start to finish do not grow or evolve much. This is because they haven’t been gifted with the contrast that the Hard Knock Life can give. You cannot know Pure Love without having experienced pure fear. You cannot grasp harmony without having witnessed war. Every “negative,” or contrasting, event that we experience gives rise to our greatest desires! Because of the hard times, we’re motivated that much more to experience what “better” feels like. If we understand that this is true, how can we do anything BUT love where we’ve been, for what it has gifted us for today? Attitude of Gratitude! Spread it around! 🙂


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