When I started this blog almost nine years ago it was upon the recommendation of my editor. She suggested my skills in writing, as well as expressing myself, would improve with practice. Hopefully she was correct. I know when I reread some of my old posts they lack a smoothness that later ones do, but self-evaluation is not a good indicator of quality, so my assessment is most likely off. While she is continuing to work on my book, (which is almost done, promise) I cannot afford her services on this forum, at least yet. Some of my favorite entries on this list are numbers 102, 104, 106, 107, 136, and 141. I doubt this entry will get seen by many, but it’s a good tool (one of three now) to see and access all my topics in a condensed format.

Here are 100-150. The titles in bold are links to each page.

101. WHAT’S YOUR CALLING CARD? How people sell themselves, mostly subconsciously.

102. STAYING YOUNG What I’ve done to keep a youthful outlook.

103. A MAD LIB FOR ADDICTS PART 2 Just what it says, fun AND serious.

104. IF I COULD SNAP MY FINGERS My deepest wish, totally serious.

105. TWENTY-THREE YEARS IN RECOVERY Thoughts at twenty-three years, I NEVER write about my yearly anniversary with any aforethought.

106. THE SEVENTH SENSE Explaining my REALLY odd sense of humor.

107. AN UNPOPULAR OPINION The futility of trying to get rid of what’s unwanted. .

108. HOW I STARTED IN A.A. – PART ONE Self-explanatory.

109. HOW I STARTED IN A.A. – PART TWO Self-explanatory.

110. HOW I STARTED IN A.A. – PART THREE Self-explanatory.

111. HOW I STARTED IN A.A. – PART FOUR Self-explanatory.

112. MY SECOND FAVORITE JOKE Gosh, I hope no one is offended…


114. PLEASURE AND HAPPINESS How most think these are synonyms. They’re not.

115. THE REAL MAGIC WORD It’s NOT “please.”

116. WHO AM I? Trying to be objective in the mirror.

117. ALMOST DEAD – PART ONE Self-explanatory.

118. TWENTY-FOUR YEARS SOBER Skipping on down the recovery road. 

119. EYES OF WONDER The inner “child” is NOT a child. 

120. ALMOST DEAD – PART TWO Self-explanatory.

121. THE 21ST CENTURY PLAGUE A worldwide self-defeating mindset illuminated.

122. SOBRIETY VS. RECOVERY My definition on the difference between the two.

123. HOW DO YOU FEEL? Learning how to “feel” after years of indifference.

124. OPEN EYES Just a thought.

125. SEARCHING FOR INSPIRATION What works as motivation in my life.

126. LOVE POEM Written for my wife when I first met her.

127. GODSHOTS PODCAST WITH LYDIA CORNELL The first of many to come.

128. LET’S BE WEIRD Why weird is cool, and highly productive.

129. SILVER LININGS IN THE PANDEMIC STORM CLOUDS My intentions if things go south.

130. IN SEARCH OF THE ENEMY Where to find our true adversary.

131. GOODBYE, DAD A few words about my father.

132. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS IN RECOVERY Thoughts on my silver anniversary.

133. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES I’ve been there

134. SILENT RESPONSE Sometimes this is what is wanted most.


136. THE GREAT EXPERIMENT Existence itself approached as a lifelong experiment.

137. MANAGING FEAR Using what we want to avoid to leverage what we want.

138. 10 LIES WE BELIEVE, 10 TRUTHS WE IGNORE Some probable surprises.

139. SEEING 2020 – 20/20 Looking for the good in a bad year.

140. A BRAND-NEW LIBRARY Tossing out my old user manuals and finding new ones.

141. AN EMPATHIC PATH What if empathy was taken to extremes?

142. IF AND WHEN The power of one word vs. the weakness of the other.

143. 26 YEARS SOBER My yearly mindset on this day.

144. PATIENCE The real fuel for everything.

145. THE BRAVEST WORDS Hint, it requires a ton of humility.

146. LET’S TALK TALK Observations and experiences on the skill.

147. A BLOODY CHILDHOOD A painful past does not need to equal a miserable present.

148. IN SEARCH OF PEACE Looking for a precious commodity these days.

149. GODSHOTS PODCAST WITH LYDIA CORNELL #3 The third show I’ve appeared on.

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With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood

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