Ask yourself this question…

“Would mistakes ever happen here if humans weren’t on the planet?” We are the only creatures that live, suffer, and die by our OWN judgments; our own egos. How many of us in history have laid on their death beds full of regret and remorse? How many of us have died with un-planted seeds that could have changed the world? How much potential has been ignored, given up on, and forgotten? Please choose to be what you can be, and do not leave this world with dreams unexpressed.

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With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood

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  1. I’m back!!! You may regret my return, because of my sure-fire tendency to write novels in response to all of your posts. I can’t seem to help myself, because your writing style has a very poignant way of provoking the mind! Thank you!

    I agree with your sentiments in this post about not waiting “until [fill in descriptors of the “perfect” moment, which is not right now]” occurs to go towards your destiny. People make up a list of infinite excuses as to WHY they CAN’T do what they WANT to do RIGHT NOW. Just ask anyone – “If starting a car business is your dream, and you absolutely hate your current job….. why aren’t you moving in the direction of your happiness…. which is most surely the direction of your destiny?” Classic response: “Well, bills… family… friends… societal expectations…. not time…. where to start? Etc, etc.” While I’m human too, and absolutely understand the temptation to cite excuses, there comes a time when you just have to GET REAL with yourself and admit…….. this IS ultimately just an excuse. What are these excuses covering up for you? What? Fear? Fear of leaving miserable conformity and blazing your own way? Fear of failure? The underlying belief that you hold about yourself that says, “I can’t… I’m not capable… I’m not good enough… I don’t deserve happiness.” What are the ROOTS of your excuses???? I think energy would be best spent delving into that inner world and untying, unanchoring yourself, piece by piece to the Former You. That person has served their time in the spotlight. Now… now is time for change. What’s scarier? Trying to experience more happiness each day though it appears risky, or dying knowing the road traveled was safe but that happiness was SUPPOSED to be here TOMORROW. Obviously, I make my own opinion very clear.

    As for a nit-picky distinction that I can’t help but add to the discussion…….. you used the word “mistake” in your post. I understand that the term is widely used, but if I had MY way, I’d strike it from Webster entirely. In my own personal belief, there is NO SUCH THING as a mistake. Every experience is worth experiencing, even if it hurts and doesn’t appear worthwhile at first glance. Some people say, “it’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.” I still disagree. For example, a father chooses to drink himself into oblivion on a daily basis (to escape his own pain… but society rarely has compassion for that tidbit, but I digress) instead of care for his impressionable young son. The father knows that his drinking his harming his son, but he can’t seem to stop the cycle. His pain keeps him from being a good father, and when he drinks and absolves his pain, that drunken state is incapable of being a good father. So, and outsider may say, “His choosing to drink and abandon his son is a mistake. The man knows better and STILL refuses to change. That, is a mistake.” I disagree. I believe the son will grow up… experiencing how desolate life feels without a father figure… how much it hurt to not have the same-sex guidance throughout his life… how broken and scarred he felt knowing he was prioritized second to escapist binging. He will see VERY CLEARLY how much LESS of a positive impact his father’s path had on the world…….. and in these dark moments, he will vow to be different. He will have a desire for family and unity and positivity and impact deeper than most humans living on the planet. He will now know exactly what NOT to do in the “game of life,” should he be interested in being more “successful.” Now, in saying this, I know that some children end up being a mirror image of their parents, and continuing the viscious cycle….. but SOMEWHERE in all that chaos, SOMEBODY inevitably takes notice….. and changes. There is usually a link somewhere that is broken, and a new, more improved way is born. How can we call these things mistakes? In the moment, they hurt like hell, and seem to ruin everything that they touch………. but in the grand scheme of things….. is that really what’s happening??

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