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The group of people I avoid the most are the ones who ride the fence of life. They’re pretty much okay with  everything and will take sides with anyone standing next to them. There’s no passion, no drive, no heart behind their actions. I don’t dislike them, I simply am drawn to those who have a desire to change the world. What you really might find strange about me is that I’m attracted to those who have opinions and ideas that are opposed to what I am moving toward because at least these people are also walking a path of firm decision. And who’s to say I’m right anyway? I would never look for a fight or even want to debate them, but there’s something envious about someone who is absolutely devoted and focused to the task they have chosen. This might explain why we (if you would allow me to project just a little here) have a fascination with figures who have almost wrecked our planet. No need for names, but it’s quite clear that staring into the fire of infamy can be seductive. It also explains why we  revere and honor those who have (almost always) sacrificed their lives in the name of what they believe in. We look to these people and have a tendency to tip our hat first to “who they were” before we acknowledge “what they did.” I have no problem with that, it’s a good thing. All of us seek role models if we are looking to cultivate our inner flame.

I haven’t promoted any literature yet (other than eluding towards the Big Book and 12 steps) but it’s time I did. A book was released in 1937 that became the standard by which all similar texts have since tried to emulate. It’s called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It reads in an antiquated style, but the information is spot on. The title is purposely misleading; it’s NOT about money. It’s about fueling the fire within and never letting naysayers affect it. Personally I prefer the audio version as it won’t allow me to skip or casually skim over certain parts. I’ve gone through it several times and always walk away with more information and more conviction.

There are some suggestions I would like to add in relationship to my own experiences.

First- Be vigilante in standing for something rather than against anything. There’s a HUGE difference here. When we fight we grow weaker, when we promote we grow stronger. I will not waste my energy on trying to defeat the opposition because that takes time away from creating what I want. If I focus on tearing down rather than building up, is that not counter productive?

Second- Let “you” be the biggest reason anyone would want to get behind whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. When we shove ideas into other people’s faces they are almost always defensive, even if they think the idea has some merit. Why? It’s because there’s no reason to invest in it, and most people don’t want to risk a loss; especially without a sales pitch. IF you sell yourself, your enthusiasm, your energy, your  dedication, then they will want to align with that, and that means believing in what you believe in. Whenever I talk to people I get captivated audiences EVERY TIME. If I were to approach people meekly and do nothing but ask them to read what I’ve written I may as well be handing out free toilet paper samples, wouldn’t make any difference.

Third– Don’t do anything for money, power, fame, or other material gain. Do it because you MUST. Do it because if you don’t, you will live a life of regret for never having tried. Do it because your inner voice is pushing you to take dreams and turn them into reality. We all carry a vessel inside from birth that needs filling, and the only way to do it is to follow your desires. If you knew that what you envision now will someday actually happen, what would you endure today? Few step over that line and as a result they never learn how to overcome their fears.

One last thing to point out; I think it’s less painful to stand in front of our dreams than behind them. When we pull, those we meet see us first. When we push those who are in the way simply move over. If we slip while pulling, we may fall, but if we slip while we are pushing, our load just might move backwards and crush us. It’s an easy metaphor to envision and hard to get out of the mind. We must take a stand in front of our beliefs, not behind them. Become what you believe in.

I believe in you, and I will stand in front of that for the rest of my life.

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With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood


  1. 1. I wouldn’t use your writing for toilet paper… even if I COULD print it out on softer paper. 🙂 I haven’t heard you talk, so I’ll take your word for it that your speaking skills may be stronger than your writing skills….. but from what I have to go on (your writing), I’d say you have a strong talent for communication in general. I’d be willing to bet that your non-verbal communication is EQUALLY as clear. How are your manners? Demonstrative? Haha, I truly bet they are. I highly doubt you’ve got a solid poker face. 🙂

    2. I LOVE this post… much like I love the rest of the material I’ve read from you thus far! In your previous comment to me, you stated that you’re “just a blue collar guy; not a counselor, or doctor,” or any other such pedigree. That’s another thing I love about your perspective. I technically have a decent handful of college education under my belt (but I am in NO WAY highly pedigreed or licensed or credentialed…), but I never think of myself in those terms. I honestly don’t feel I “measure up” to the academic standards that many people hold dear. In that regard, I can’t help but really resonate with your mentality…. which I highly respect. In THIS post and other posts, you prove that a college degree/paper/whatever DOES serve its purpose, but is in NO WAY the “measure of the man.” You challenge the majority belief that “the longer the alphabet soup behind your name,” the “better” you are. I like that. I like challenges. I especially like the implication that a hierarchy itself is useless in the grand scheme of things. That’s VERTICAL thinking. You speak much more towards HORIZONTAL thinking. I like!

    3. You described being born an empty vessel, and filling your empitness with your desires. Though I agree with the idea that you’re ultimately getting at, I’d like to add another metaphor to the mix! The way that my personal mind wraps around the same concept you’re describing is closer to the opposite: we’re born full…. full of things to offer to the world… full of unique and valuable contributions….. and the desire to let it pour out fully; when we have poured out everything we can muster and have desired or intended to do within this lifetime, our “empty” vessel “dies.” When we aren’t doing what we desire (because we have no money, no time, or whatever else the excuse), what we’re doing is damming the flow of spirit from our vessel and keeping it bottled up. I heard a quote once that said, “What we give is ours, but what we keep is lost forever.” I like that quote. It describes the metaphor well.

    4. I agree with the idea that our dreams are not IN FRONT of us…. just out of reach of our grasp…. but that our dreams are flowing THROUGH us (<- "through" instead of "behind" or "front" helps me articulate the idea of time being an illusion, too, haha)… and from that perspective, I can easily visualize your metaphor regarding pushing or pulling. Pulling is a force that is DRAWING something NEARER, like you would naturally do with a dream. Pushing is a force that is repelling something away from you… which sounds more like resistance…. which obviously does not adequately describe the process of fulfilling your dreams, haha. So I like that metaphor of yours! Keep pulling the dream toward you, and you will never feel crushed. 🙂 Good insight. 🙂

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