“If you are not living in support of tomorrow, then you are dying in support of yesterday. This moment is where the decision is made.”


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With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood


  1. Just playing Devil’s Advocate here… out of fun… no real seriousness….

    But if this quote is true (I definitely agree with the last sentence), then what would you say about THIS thought: If you are not living in support of tomorrow, then you are living in resistance to tomorrow.

    In this quote you wrote, there is a dichotomy between Tomorrow and Yesterday, as well as Living and Dying. What if the dichotomy is NOT an aspect of time… or an aspect of life and death……………………. as neither time NOR death “truly exists” from a Universal point of view. What if the dichotomy that is more energetically “truthful” or universally existent is the dichotomy of Support and Resistance?

    Any thoughts?

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    1. What I was taught and believe (though I’m always open to re-evaluation of any belief) was that there is no stagnation in life. We are either moving forward or at least attempting to move backwards. Moving backwards to me means trying to repeat the past or using it as an excuse for current behavior. I.E.- I regret “whatever,” therefore I have reasons for this action. I wish “whatever” therefore I want to repeat the event. Repetitive process does not equal growth, and while the second example isn’t nearly as unhealthy as the first, it still avoids manufacturing something better in the future. Reminiscing is fine, but wishing one can change the past is a death sentence of both spirit and body. Of course one can worry about the future as well, and thereby create self-fulfilling prophecies that once manifested give power to the original thought; but that’s another discussion. Tomorrow and yesterday are both fantasies, there’s no doubt, but only tomorrow is the essence of promise, and that alone is enough to hold onto.


      1. Your explanation shows that we’re saying the same things… just using different words. 🙂 The “attempting to move backward” that you describe is how I think of the word “resistance” in my mind. I agree with your sentiments!!


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